Stijn Den Hartog

No one truly knows where this beast of a young dog originated from. But legend has it he was one of the three hundred Spartans holding their ground against the Persian invasion. Stijn Den Hartog is one of the young dogs who is very much involved in the club both on the field and off. He is involved with the club as BarCo, serving beer with Tabasco wherever he can.
On the pitch Stijn fulfills the position of flanker. However you won’t find him on the pitch often these days as he is continuously plagued by an injury he sustained during a young dog tournament. After a long and tedious road to recovery Stijn entered the pitch again. This time in the Hague. However, during the second half of this match both teams witnessed a roar so load it was said to be mistaken for an earthquake in Groningen. This roar came from none other than our own Stijn. Unfortunately, Stijn appears to be plagued by a recurring injury on the same left ankle. So for now, his fellow young dogs are only left with rumors and stories about Stijn’s fierce tackling, impressive rucking and hella sexy sixpack.