RRC 2 vs. RSRC 2XV 15-2-2015: Match Report

The day after Valentine’s day, which all players surely spent wanking furiously, RSRC 2XV was to play that other, less awesome team that is located in Rotterdam: RRC 2, the current number one in the competition.
This day, however, was not Valentine’s day. This day was Sunday, and as you all know: Sunday is a Rugby day.
The boys made their way to the always grimmige outskirts of Rotterdam-Noord. The weather was especially nice for a change and the sun was out. All things considered, a perfect day for rugby.

Although the outcome of the match might suggest otherwise, the RSRC boys played a decent match. Replacing their captain Frank ‘make them bleed’ Hoogenboom, Hylke ‘The fat Harry Styles’ Korf proved to be just as good in motivating the boys. Like all burger teams, the RRC players were big and heavy, giving them a huge advantage in the scrum. Nonetheless 2XVs relatively inexperienced scrum managed to hold its own against these sweaty old men. Another key point to notice is that the rucks appear to have improved a lot from the starting of the season. Support was given to the ball carrier adequately and timely ensuring that the ball remained in possession. An impressive run by Malik ‘I don’t know what the fuck I’m doing but I’m strong’ Keval led to a try (Zumba incoming) and a sweet conversion by Jim ‘The skinny Harry Styles’ Kerres towards the end of the first half. giving us good hope for the start of the second half.

However in the second half, 2XV’s ruggers became a bit sloppy at times. Tackles were either off or too high, and in addition the gaps between the defensive lines gave RRC 2 easy access to our try line. Nonetheless they played a solid game against the strongest team in Vierde Klasse West. And as Meindert Osinga pointed out at the end of the match: “No need to dwell upon this loss. We can keep our heads up high and practise, practise, practise for next season.

Final score: RRC 2 – Erasmus RSRC 2XV: 78-8

—Dominic Kortram

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