Joris Burger

Might not look like your typical rugby ruffian, but when he gets the ball, especially from his previous full back position, metres are gonna be made.

Gym-tiger Burger, (no idea where Frankie got the nickname, but maybe it’ll stick), started off this season in the fullback position, collecting balls from the opposition’s kicks and quenching their dreams of making any ground by running it through their lines. Since then, Joris has since braved the fierce pack of the scrum by helping out in the 2nd row, fucking lad! Most of us backs will run a mile at the mention of even the back row.

Joris is now settling in as a centre, either 1st or 2nd, helping the backs getting the ball to the wing and running it through the opposition’s defence. Despite his eagerness to get in the thick of it, Joris has remained injury free, meaning he’s been able to be present at most games, but also means he’s a bit of a pussy. Haha, nah man I’m joking, you just got the skills.