Frank Hoogenboom

Frank ‘hightree/knock-on’ Hoogenboom is the oldest of the bunch and therefore he should be the wisest. But is he? No, no he is not. He is the captain of the team though, so he is the one nagging on about availability for games, attendance on practice and lack of beer in our glasses.
With his length and weight he is not your typical hooker but his beard makes up for that big time. Some say that his beard alone accounts for two of the wins this season. Some even say that franks beard talks to him and that it is his beard that gives him his dirty sense of humor.
Bit enough nonsense, down to the serious stuff.
Frank inspires us in our darkest times with quotes like ‘Make them bleed boys!’. That is franks strength. He is the driving and enlightening spirit behind the team. Because as we all know, behind every strong team, there is an even stronger woman. That is our frank.