Erasmus RSRC 3XV vs. Bredase Rugby Club 2 22-2-2015: Match Report

3XV had another win on Sunday February 22nd. Even though many players were injured or could not come to the game,they were helped by a number of players from the 1XV and 2XV. The Brabantine opponent was more heavy than skillful, and on top of that the boys played was an excellent match, resulting in a grand victory.

Summary: Good weather, fine ground, and some ‘Malikficent’ runs. RSRC’s 3XV had a strong team effort and kept the opponent from scoring any points at all. There were some big scrums, and each player made good use of his qualities, defended very well and made sure everyone had the ball several times.

Final score: Erasmus RSRC 3XV – Bredase Rugby Club 2: 38-0

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