Erasmus RSRC 2XV vs. DSR-C 2 1-3-2015: Match Report

At the first of march 2015 the RSRC 2XV had a match against the second team of DSR streepje C. This match was on a beautiful Sunday, supported by some nice weather and the trusted voice of Meindert Osinga. After a good warming-up by the guidance of our trusted captain Frank ‘make them bleed’ Hoogenboom, the match started at 14:30 on RSRC’s pitch, with the surprise support of Pim ‘I’ll come if I got time’ Mante.

The first half RSRC made a good effort to score against DSR-C, but DSR-C being on the 3rd place of the competition was a bit stronger than RSRC 2XV beginning on the 8th place of the competition. The scrums were about even but at the rucks and line-outs, DSR-C was stronger and RSRC clearly lacked some experience.

Also in open play was DSR-C a bit more experienced and were putting pressure on us. After the first half losing by a considerable margin, we changed our goal of the game. The second half we started with the goal of trying to stop DSR-C from winning with a high score and trying to score at least some points our self. We weren’t able to completely hold off DSR-C in the second half, but we didn’t give up. But in the end we weren’t able to score at least 1 point and lost by 0-66. This score was a lot better than the last game against the second team of DSR-C which ended in a crazy loss of 112-0. Some more practice should do the trick.

Final score: Erasmus RSRC 2XV – DSR-C 2: 0-66

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