Top combination is extended once again

After last year’s double promotion, it was thought that it would be tough for the Rotterdam students to even stay in the higher classes. However, it turned out differently: through the dedication of the coaches and the sense of unity, the top 8 was achieved in a masterful way, with only two losses. In the second phase of the competition, the coaches have shown that all three teams are capable of performing miracles, with the second and third teams on their way to winning the plate in their respective classes and the first team competing for the championship in the first class.

After a few good conversations, it quickly became apparent that the future plans were well-aligned. We are therefore pleased to announce that the Rotterdam Student Rugby Club can benefit from the knowledge and experience of the top coaching duo Michiel Snijders and Barro Kessler for another season. In the upcoming 2023-2024 season, the players of the Rotterdam Student Rugby Club can be assured of an excellent and successful rugby time during their studies. We cherish the expectation that the extension of this partnership will attract more studying rugby talent to the club.

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