The Rotterdam students continue to perform above expectations.

The Rotterdam students, who were at the bottom of the Second Class three seasons ago, will be competing for a place at the top of the First Class this season.

Since the appointment of coaching staff Michiel Snijders & Barro Kessler three years ago, some significant steps have been taken in rugby. There are now over 50 men present at every training, we can fill three full student teams, and last year, both the first and second teams became champions in the second and fourth classes, respectively.

After the successful season last year, the club had the ambition to push through to the top of the first class in the first half of this season. A lofty goal, but not impossible with the influx of new talent.

Last Sunday, the first team achieved this ambition with a win over DIOK. With only one game to go, the RSRC is now assured of a place in the promotion pool of the first class.

In the second half of the season, we want to maintain our upward trajectory and fight to finish at the top of the promotion pool. Today, the RSRC will play a home game against DSR-C. A true Student Derby to become the highest-placed student team in the country.

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