Continued cooperation RSRC and current coaching staff

Known to most already, the Rotterdam Student RC has been strengthened yet again by the coaching duo Michiel Snijders and Barro Kessler. Our acquaintance was made through a long and intensive pre-season with stamina to kill for as a result. Our knives continued to be sharpened and our goals were (and still are) unforgiving: double promotion is the only aim. An aim which is defined by mutual effort and trust. However, the pandemic is a stroke of adversity but never deterring from our initial goals. With great delightedness we can officially announce that the collaboration will last for at least another season:

With a good feeling and pride in our collaboration, I was asked to remain the head coach for the Rotterdam Student Rugby Club at Erasmus Sport. Of course, I will be doing that together with Barro Kessler and our amazing coaching staff, supported by a hardworking board. This, by external factors wrecked, the season was more than enough motivation for both parties to commit to another season of working together. With pride and passion, I look forward to the next chapter of our adventure and I invite all rugby-playing students in and around Rotterdam to come and write that chapter with us!

To better times, continued collaboration and a double promotion!


The 55th

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