B’voyage de Cinquante

Last weekend was a hit for all 50 years of RSRC. 2018, the 10th Lustrum Year, was kicked off with with a blast on the ‘B’voyage de Cinquante’, the first Lustrum Trip of 2018. 73 RSRC’ers, who joined the club anywhere between 1968 and 2017, had the privilage to enjoy everything that is dear to a rugby player.

Three Chabrallend beautiful bus rides, during which old memories have been picked up, a million bakken have been drunk, and cozy fights were held, led us to Paris, where the 6 Nations 2018 Tournament was opened by RSRC. France and Ireland, intimidated by the deafening Wilhelmus and all the Red & Green that was in the stands, started off modestly with limited tries scored, but the contest was terminated in truly spectacular fashion by Mr. Sexton.

An old saying goes, “What happens on Trip, stays on Trip”, so therefore I now have to conclude these words before any compromising information is distributed. You should have been there.

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