Bears Cave

The RSRC is very proud of having their own club house, which is a rare thing in Dutch student rugby. The adress of the club house of the RSRC, better known as the Bears Cave, is Lucie Vuylstekeweg 40 in Rotterdam. The majestic building, included in the Unesco Heritagelist since 2008, is the location where all activities of RSRC take place, except for Trip.

RSRC Clubhouse Founding Members

Without the contribution of members, old-members and others the club house would never become reality. The RSRC gladly thanks the following people and institutions for their contribution:

  • M. Hassefras
  • D. Kam
  • J. Doornbos
  • B. Witvoet & M.van Noort
  • A. Walder
  • E. Swaak & P. van Harderwijk
  • D. de Vos
  • A. Meuter
  • D. de Cock
  • H. de Cler
  • G. Smith
  • C. de Mol van Otterloo
  • M. Rexwinkel & R. van Rees
  • E. Dijkhuizen
  • J. Overdevest
  • E. Heuting
  • J. Jacobs
  • J. van Hattem
  • R. Dattatreya
  • P. Janmaat
  • Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam
  • Trustfonds EUR
  • Sport en Recreatie Rotterdam
  • Deelgemeente Kralingen-Crooswijk

Without you this enormous project would have never been such a tremendous succes!

Once Rugby, Ever Rugby